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Customize Helikite Balloon

We do customized helikite balloon as different size and color to meet your need.

Helikite Balloons

The Helikite Balloon comprises a Helium-Filled balloon and Triangel wing construction, having a rigid spine, with the balloon shaped aerodynamically.
The balloon is generally oblate-spheroid in shape Solid spars provide attachment points for payload equipment. Triangel wing to balance balloon Fly status.
Helikites are the only compact aerostat capable of reliably operating on sea and land.
For this reason small, rapid-response surveillance Helikites are part of the emergency oil-spill response system of Scandinavia for operations in the arctic ocean.
The Helikite Balloon design is intended for all-weather, high-altitude operation
The round, stubby shape allows it to be flown in any weather or altitudes both the main aerodynamic lift and the aerostatic lift are at the front, while the spar weight and keel are at the stern.